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Flora Growth Corp.

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Investment Details
Deal Flora Growth - Warrant Exercise Portal
Issuer Flora Growth Corp.
Offering Common Shares at USD$3.00

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This is a portal to exercise warrants acquired during Flora Growth's Reg A+ Offering. 

While entering your name and address, please use the same information that was provided to you in your portal invitation email. If you have questions or would like to exercise a number of warrants below your maximum, please contact or (786) 396-2288.
Please note, each individual investment has a different set of warrants. You should receive a different portal invitation email for each investment. Please ensure you are exercising the warrants with the earliest expiration date first to prevent any unwanted expirations - this will be the first portal invitation email you received. 

Reminder: The number of warrants you have is half the number of your shares - for example, if you have 800 shares you hold 400 warrants. Please also note affected a 3:1 share consolidation - this affects your number of warrants and the exercise price - however, the value of each warrant is unchanged.

If you already have an account on, make sure to enter the associated email address and we'll add this investment to your Dashboard when you accept.